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North 40 Ag promotes agricultural sustainability through the best applications of science and technology in an effort to help you make the best decisions tailored to the 
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Soil Health Tip

Researchers have found that up to 20% of the sugars produced by sugar beets go to beneficial soil microorganisms fighting other disease-causing organisms.

Changing how producers think about soil creates understanding that soil is biologically driven.  Remove the biology–bacteria, fungi, protozoa, advantageous nematodes, earthworms and small insects–plants will not grow well.  90% of soil’s agronomically important functions are performed by soil microbes.  Majority of applied nitrogen does not feed the crop directly, soil microbes—mainly bacteria—process it first then make it readily available to plants.  Fungal networks form associations with roots supplying plants with more nutrients, particularly phosphorous, than plants could take up on their own.