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cover crop seed supplier

About North 40 Ag – Cover Crop Seed Supplier

cover crop seed supplierMarcus Vogel started North 40 Ag in 2011. Kate Vogel joined in 2014 and helped to expand North 40 Ag’s offerings. At North 40 Ag, we specialize in cover crop seed, and are the premier cover crop seed supplier in Montana, Wyoming, and western North Dakota.

Our primary goal to help farmers and ranchers improve soil health on their operation. We customize recommendations to best fit each individual operation. Additionally, we also partner with Green Cover Seed to offer almost 100 different species of seed to Montana, Wyoming, and North Dakota producers. We also custom blend each seed mix to fit each individual operations’ goals.

We have been working with farmers and ranchers throughout the region to develop customized cover crop mixes. More specifically, Marcus has planted cover crops on his family farm since 2011. Each summer, we travel across Montana, and into Wyoming and North Dakota putting on field days. This gives us the opportunity to interact with farmers and learn which cover crops species are working best for them. This helps us improve our recommendations for each customer.

In addition to being a cover crop seed supplier, North 40 Ag also offers agronomy and soil health consulting. Through our experience and travels, we’ve learned there are many tools to improve soil health: converting to no-till, building a low input crop rotation, implementing cover crops, integrating livestock grazing on cropland fields, and more. Let us put our expertise and research to work for you! North 40 Ag can create a customized plan to improve your operation’s soil health. We will also work with you through implementation to ensure success. Give Marcus or Kate a call to learn more (406) 600-5205!